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A reoccurring theme throughout the “Strike the Match” Men’s Conference at Northeast Christian Fellowship in Melfort, Sask. was “Running with the FIRE” (the Holy Spirit).


I learned we need to be bold, we need to be strong, and we need to be courageous as Christians during our respective walks with God – not just on Sunday mornings or when it’s convenient for us personally, but 24/7.


Personally that was tough for me coming into this conference that ran from April 7 to 9, 2017 because I have a lot on my plate: the constant worrying of my dad’s health, my mom’s wellbeing, my job as a News Anchor and Reporter at GX94 in Yorkton, and my ongoing rehabilitation from my pornography addiction (the latter I had for 2 years to cope with the worry and doubts about myself and my abilities, plus the loneliness I felt through it all).

I knew that God has my back and loves me no matter what, through the good and the bad, just like my biological father, but I never truly believed it. I was afraid of taking that “leap of faith” for I would alienate my friends and family, even myself. The thought was always, “you’re going to look like an idiot in front of everyone if you do this; you’re going to sound like a madman if you start talking about God, and even when you’re talking about the gospel you’re bound to get something wrong, so don’t bother.”

Throughout the first full day I was attending this conference, with my dad, listening to John Burton, Brad Mayer, and Terry Severson, I felt something stirring in my heart but I couldn’t put my finger on what specifically that was…inspiration? Warm, fuzzy feelings?


No actually it was the Holy Spirit being downloaded into me as the conference went on.

During Brad Mayer’s message, he brought up the story of Korah’s rebellion against Moses and Aaron in Numbers chapter 16 and the part where Aaron was standing between the living and the dead during the plague that God unleashed before the congregation that was rebelling made me think, “hmm this guy’s got gumption I’ll give him that.”! 

Later on Mayer brought up another passage that went along the lines of God saying "I had searched for a man but I found no one"! 

I suddenly put two and two together…

It was then the Match was Struck!

I imagined myself in Aaron’s position and thought “WOW! God’s looking for a man who’s willing to stand in between a plague or fire for Him? And he’s found not ONE PERSON? I want to be that man for the Lord!”


I’ve been told by fellow believers here in Yorkton at Prairie Harvest Christian Life Centre that God told them to tell me I needed to be bold or strong, and I was told the same thing at the Men’s Conference.


I think another two key points at the conference for me were declaring victory over doubt, addiction, and doing God’s will whole heartedly, and seeing the Sword that Pastor Paul Dubois had stuck into the stage. That image of the sword sitting there, I believe, was the Holy Spirit telling me, “Hey, you have your armor on, it’s time you picked up your sword and fought back!”


Speaking of the Holy Spirit, it was raining down on everyone there! I was seeing guys getting revived, hard hearts being softened, and tears flowing like a river [okay maybe that was just me ;] but it was unlike anything I had ever seen in my life...that 110 individual men became one, and everyone, even the ones who may have been lukewarm like myself, caught on FIRE, and I can say that the Holy Fire is still burning in me today.


It was simply the best conference I’d ever been too, and until the next one comes up, I’ll continue to “Run with the FIRE!”  RYAN YOUNG