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Core values define the most important reasons for the existence of an organization. We believe the following eight core values. They determine what we are all about and how we will use our time, resources and efforts.


The WORD of GOD: The heart of NCF is to live according to the Word of God; the Bible is the only true foundation for life and ministry. We believe that the Word must be lived out in our lives because we believe the Bible is God's inspired Word. II Timothy 3:16-17​


GOD'S WORTH: NCF believes that God created us to bring honor and glory to Him. True worship is to be an authentic response to God's grace and work in our lives. It is to be done in spirit and in truth, and involves the heart, soul, and mind. Praying, testifying, and singing are a few of the ways we affirm God's worthiness in our daily lives.​​

Matthew 22:37, Acts 2:47, Revelation 4:11

​Everyone has an ETERNAL DESTINY: We believe that every Christian should be maturing in conformity to the image of Christ. Christian maturity manifests itself in obedience to God's Word, and complete devotion to God in every area of life. Jesus commanded His followers to "make disciples of all nations...teaching them to observe all things that He commanded"

Matthew 28:19-20, Ephesians 4:12-13, Colossians 2:2, James 1:22-24

PRAYER: We believe prayer acknowledges our dependence upon God. Jesus valued, demonstrated, and taught the importance of prayer. Prayer is the absolute prerequisite for God's power and blessing upon this ministry.
Proverbs 3:5-6, Matthew 7:7, John 15:5, Acts 2:42 and 4:31, James 5:16​

AUTHENTIC CHRISTIAN RELATIONSHIPS: NCF believes that loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life. We have a responsibility to care for one another and encourage one another to love and good works. Relationships are a vital part of spiritual development, and life change most often takes place best in a small group setting (Home Groups) or individual relationships.  Romans 12:5, I Corinthians 12:27, Hebrews 10:24​

​God has a DESIGN FOR FAMILY: NCF strives to provide an environment which strengthens and encourages marriages and family. We also believe that the family is the foundation for teaching godly behavior. Deuteronomy 6:6-7, Matthew 19:6, Ephesians 2:19​

FREEDOM & GRACE through Jesus Christ: NCF believes that if the Spirit of God is to have complete control of this ministry, it must be in the context of liberty and grace, not legalism. Romans 7:6, II Corinthians 3:17​